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Advantech was founded in 2003 to offer management consulting services to private and public sector organizations. We have an extensive project footprint in Sub Saharan Africa. We provide consulting advise that us responsive to our clients needs and build long lasting relationships based on integrity and trust. We are particularly focused on ensuring that our work and business growth benefits the countries in which we work

Expertise: Strategic ICT Consulting, Monitoring and Evaluation, Project design, implementation and post implementation reviews, finance and grant management, procurement and supply chain management, governance and oversight.

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ALMACO Management Consultants Limited, Kenya, was founded in 1995.ALMACO proides management consultancy services. Over time ALMACO have built a large clientele base in the public and private sector organizations across Africa, Asia, latin America and the Caribbean and Eastern Europe. Our approach is to provide quality services that create value leaving behind a long term relationships with our clientele.

Expertise: Leadership and governance,Institutional development, grant & financial management, procurement and supply management, and monitoring & evaluation, project design and implementation.

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Global Challenge Corporation-CI (GCC) provides training and consulting. It was established in 2007 with headquarters in Abidjan. GCC has no foreign branches, but focal points in Paris, Montréal, Bangui, Bamako, and Conakry. GCC is certified by the Fund for the Development of Vocational Training (FDFP). Expertise: Training and consulting, particularly in continuing vocational training (CVT), services management consulting, IT development...

Expertise: Training and consulting, particularly in continuing vocational training (CVT), services management consulting, IT development. In CVT, GCC has a portfolio of training topics including finance, accounting and auditing, management and evaluation of projects; human resources; and procedures and guidelines of the Global Fund.


Established in 1993, the Institute for Research, Development and Socio-economic Communication (IRESCO) comprises multidisciplinary researchers with a common interest in action for economic and social development. IRESCO is nongovernmental, not-for-profit. Headquartered in Yaoundé, IRESCO has regional offices across Cameroon.

Expertise: Research – action – development, marketing, advocacy and public relations, information, education and communication, documentation and management systems.

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Since its establishment in South Africa in 1993, Khulisa Management Services has conducted nearly 200 studies and evaluations, including baseline, mid-term, and final evaluations; operations, behavioral research, market, and economic research; household surveys; desk studies; rapid appraisals; and quasi-experimental designs.

Expertise: Monitoring, evaluation, Data Quality Assessments and research services in sub- Saharan Africa with sector specialization in education, health and social development. Most of Khulisa’s work in the last 10 years has been in the Health sector

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OASYS is dedicated to building capacity and strengthening management and reporting systems. Since 2009, through GMS and other development partners, OASYS has provided technical support to Global Fund grantees, bilateral and multilateral development agencies, international and local NGOs. Expertise: Financial management...

Expertise: Financial management, project planning and management, monitoring and evaluation, data and information systems, governance, organizational development, local governance, gender issues.

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PLENITUD, a non-profit think tank founded in 2002 to promote sustainable development through improving performance of the socio-ecological systems, providing technical assistance services, generating information and disseminating knowledge to support policy making.

Expertise: Climate change vulnerability assessments, development of adaptation policies, building resilient communities, participatory climate risk adaptation plans in communities and schools, climate smart agriculture, monitoring and evaluation, health financing and financial protection, health-sector assessments, costing analysis, health accounts (national and specific, including National AIDS Spending Assessments, tuberculosis, malaria, child health, maternal and reproductive health, chronic diseases), training and capacity building

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Established in 1999, and registered in Zimbabwe and Mauritius, Q Partnership is a highly skilled and experienced, knowledge-based consultancy that helps organisations in the social and corporate spheres of Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe design, transition and achieve their business, organisational and management goals and evaluate their performance.

Expertise: Research, Strategic Planning, Organisational Development, Governance and Leadership, Business Process Management, Performance Management, Business Information Systems, Finance and Risk Management, Monitoring and Evaluation.

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Since 1986, TAI has been working with leaders, policy makers and individual contributors in governments and development organizations. TAI has collaborated with international donors and technical-assistance providers, including USAID, the World Bank, UNFPA, the Asian Development Bank, Rockefeller Foundation, the Swiss Development Cooperation, and the Gates Foundation.

Expertise: Governance, Leadership development; organizational development, risk management, program design and management, primary and reproductive health care services, logistics management, market-survey design, and training. TAI also provides management-related technical support to Global Fund.

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Upward Bound Company Limited, founded in 2002, is a strong team of professionals delivering consultancy, training, coaching and outsource services to organizations in the Eastern Africa region. The company has undertaken jobs to develop monitoring and evaluation frameworks and carried out numerous baseline surveys, mid-term reviews and end-term evaluations including several large, multi-country assignments.

Expertise: governance structures, organizational values, strategic plans, operational plans, restructuring and performance frameworks, engagement with clients on organizational systems, processes and structures.